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You’re that Smart?
Well let me put it this way- Have you ever heard of Plato? Aristotle? Socrates?
-Vizzini from The Princess Bride

Sometimes its hard to know if you’re really good at a game. Maybe you clean up in your home poker game, on Yahoo poker, or even low stakes casino games or online. Are you good? Should you find bigger games? Maybe! My friend Bill Phipps and I  won over $150,000 in fantasy baseball in the past few years, despite playing in only one league and competing against each other. We thought we were very good, and we decided to move up and find out. It’s quite a bit harder to do this in fantasy baseball than in poker, so it took some work.

We sent out challenges to every expert we could find online, inviting them to play in a high stakes challenge. We were initially met with a lot of silence, and the occasional ‘What the heck?’ but finally we found a group of fantasy baseball experts who were ready to throw down against some impertinent upstarts.

The inaugural Cardrunners Fantasy Baseball Season was 2010, and featured a respected expert field with Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson (Rotowire), Peter Kreutzer (Askrotoman), Jason Grey (ESPN), Derek Carty (Thehardballtimes), and Joe Sheehan (Baseball Prospectus). We rounded out the field with Cardunners Pros Brian Hastings and Andrew Wiggins, as well as a top competitor from our home league options trader Chad Levine. The field set up an exciting ‘experts vs professional gamblers’ battle. With a $40,000 prize pool there was far more at stake than mere pride, and made the Cardrunners league unique among expert leagues. At the end of an epic battle with Chris Liss, I managed to run away with the first CR Championship in the last period of the season.

While my co-founder Bill is not returning for season 2, I and many of our pros are, and we hope to have an exciting league this year as well. 

Also unique to the Cardrunners League is our blog, where the league participants are encouraged to post strategy, theory, and discussion the likes of which are not typically seen in the middle of a competition.  In the spirit of Cardrunners as an educational tool, we encourage all the league participants to share their insights so we can find their edge and learn from it. We think the current state of expert play reminds us a lot of poker in the early 1990’s. We think there are holes in the way people approach the game, and we hope to be able to raise the bar. It is our hope to make the Cardrunners Baseball site a home to the highest level of play as well as unique commentary that makes this league one of the pinnacles of fantasy sports competition.

I’d like to extend special thanks both to Cardrunners for providing a home for our idea, and to Chris Liss of Rotowire who truly had no hesitation about taking our money in a challenge, and was a great help in organizing the initial league.

I hope you enjoy following the action all year!

Eric Kesselman


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