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Monster Trade Alert!

May 14th, 2012 by in Uncategorized

Gimps trade Josh Hamilton Kevin Youkilis and 56 FAAB to Chris Hill for Ian Kinsler, Andy Petite, and Ricky Romero.


I don't think I'm happy. What's fair value for Hamilton right now?

11 Responses to “Monster Trade Alert!”

  1. Chris Hill says:

    Figuring Andy P is worth 56 FAAB, further figuring that Youk on his best day is a husk of a former baseball player planning to live on a stipend from Tom Brady, that leaves the mathematic conclusion that Hamilton is worth the two best players on my team. Can he be worth that much? Well, no. But if I can get someone to give me something for Youklis, I have some small chance to break even and still own Hamilton. That is not working out so far.

    • baba says:

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      • Jasmine says:

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      • Rina says:

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  2. Eric Kesselman says:

    Well, let me rephase the question. What of the time do you think Hamilton turns in a $40 season? $50? $60?

    Am I insane in thinking he returns 60$ 10% of the time or more?

    • Chris Hill says:

      $60- less than .1%
      $50- less than 1%
      $40- 10%
      Same as Kinsler post deal, about 50%
      Youklis is not marrying Tom Brady's sister, he is Tom Brady's sister,

      • Angely says:

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  3. Jason says:

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